Holistic Health Coaching with Rose Hollo


What is holistic health coaching?

Holistic health coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that takes the whole person into account: mind, body, and spirit and helps that person produce extraordinary results in his or her wellness. Rose uses her vast background in various complimentary and alternative modalities along with her clients’ unique learning styles to customize each session to her clients’ individual needs.  A typical session starts with discussing primary concerns, goal setting or review, learning or experiencing a new tool or alternative modality, trying an interactive activity, exploring evidence-based information, and the client selecting realistic homework to help move toward goal achievement. A holistic health coach does not diagnose or treat mental or physical health ailments.



  • Discovery, clarification, and alignment with a wellness goal

  • Accelerated progress toward a wellness goal

  • The client is empowered to take the lead

  • Clients are provided with a positive, non-judgmental and safe environment in which to explore new ideas and information

  • Focus on living in the present and moving into the future, rather than being “stuck” in the past.

  • A variety of fun, interesting, and valuable tools are available to try  and discover at every coaching session.

  • A comprehensive book lending library.