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Tapping for Teachers Special Event!

 PflegMed is partnering with Certified EFT Practitioner Matt Hollo for a special event on April 21st 1 -3 pm- Tapping for Teachers! The cost is $15 for a 2 hour workshop. What is Tapping or EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, an evidence-based mind-body relaxation exercise utilizing acupressure tapping. It is often called "Acupressure for your emotions" and can quickly reduce fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions and create a sense of calm, focus, and well-being. Participants will learn:
  • The history, research, and benefits of using EFT Tapping   

  • Learn the basics of EFT Tapping and how it can benefit students and teachers alike   

  • How to teach EFT Tapping to their students to students of any age   

  • Use Tapping as a relaxation exercise at the beginning of the day, before tests, etc.   

  • Learn how EFT Tapping can help improve focus, reduce anger, and give students a powerful stress management tool they can use any time   

  • Examples of using EFT Tapping with groups of students as well as individuals   

  • Special situations such as bullying, sports performance, and public speaking

  • Participants will have opportunities to practice EFT Tapping, ask questions, and receive handouts to practice and display in the classroom

  • Not a teacher? That's ok! Learn how you can learn this life-changing technique that can help you, your children, even your dog!

Go to and click on 'Workshops and Events' to sign up today while seats last!

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American Counseling Association Professional Member Matt Hollo
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